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Re-think Grampians dingo plan - VFF


The Victorian Farmers Federation says plans to reintroduce dingoes to the Grampians National Park need a re-think.

The peak body for farmers says the risks to nearby livestock are too great with wild dogs costing the state livestock industry millions of dollars a year.

VFF Livestock Councillor Peter Star said while the VFF respects the cultural views and values of the traditional land owners, reintroducing dingoes without a robust plan to protect local communities, livestock and vulnerable native species from attack will end in disaster.
“Wild dogs cost the Victorian livestock industry about $18 million every year and there are many farmers around the Wartook and Victoria Valleys who are deeply concerned this proposal is aspirational, rather than practical,” he said.

Mr Star said radio-collaring research in similar terrain has shown dingoes and wild dogs are highly mobile and can regularly roam up to 60km2  from bushland and out into farm land.
“We need to know exactly how the dingoes would be kept within the Grampians National Park,” he said.
“If that solution is a fence, how secure will it be, who will patrol it and who’s going to pay for it? Farmers must not be forced to bear this added cost.”

The reintroduction of the native dogs is part of a plan called Biodiversity 2037.

The proposal is open for public comment until Sunday, January 24, 2021 at https://engage.vic.gov.au/gariwerd-management-plan



Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay