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Keanu Reeves Kickstarter Comic BRZRKR hits $1 Million

Is there anything Keanu can't do? Comic Books is Keanu Reeves next venture in life and he's already hit over $1 million Australian Dollars with his target of just $68k. $779k in US Dollars.

He is the creator and co-writer of the Boom Studios comic BRZRKR which Kickstarter reveals the premise of the comic to be "A graphic novel series about an immortal warrior seeking only one thing: the truth about his blood-soaked existence & how to end it!".

I'm feeling some serious John Wick crossed with Neo vibes there. 

The target was met within just 1 hour of the Kickstarter launching on 2nd September and with 15 days to go, who knows what this figure could reach. Congrat Keanu on another successful venture in life. Who says Good Guys always finish last!