National News

Strokes affecting more younger women

The number of Australian women experiencing cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks, strokes and death is declining but more younger women are being hospitalised with the condition.

Australians flock to gig economy for work

Rideshare drivers are among seven per cent of working Australians finding jobs through the 'gig economy', using more than 100 digital platforms to generate income, new research shows.

Coroner urges Tas traffic light review

It was a wet and dark evening when Queensland policewoman Wendy Anne Evans was hit and killed by a bus while holidaying in Hobart, but the traffic lights were partly to blame.

Qantas expects new Qld-US flights by April

Qantas says it expects to add two new routes - including the fourth-longest passenger flight in the world - from Brisbane to the United States within a year once authorities approve its deal with American...

Protesters move on after Hong Kong rally

Protesters in Hong Kong have left the streets, averting possible clashes after haggling for hours with police by moving to areas near the city's government headquarters.

African surge coming to Mexican border

Border patrol agents on the US-Mexico border are being confronted with a new wave of people fleeing economic hardship and human rights abuses in African countries.

Fatal Snapchat crash women apologise

The friends of a young Sydney driver, who fatally crashed into another car after being filmed driving dangerously on social media, hope to apologise to the victims of the "stupid" stunt.