Water metre warning as Ballarat gets set for another big freeze

July 2, 2024 4:14 pm in by
Image by Nancy Morris from Pixabay

With a low of minus two degrees forecast tomorrow morning for Ballarat, Central Highlands Water (CHW) is reminding us to keep our water meters snug.

The last time the city had a severe frost the utility was bombarded by more than 700 calls for help from people with frozen pipes.

CHW recommend covering the metre up and if it does freeze, use room temperature water to defrost it, not boiling.

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“You can cover your meter with a wooden or foam box, or simply wrap it in thick cloth like old carpet, a towel, a jumper or a hessian sack,” said a CHW spokesperson.

If you need to report a fault or outage, call the Central Highlands Water free call 24-hour service on 1800 061 514.