Pickleball rising in popularity for Ballarat residents young and old

February 20, 2024 8:32 am in by
Photo: Unsplash

The sport of pickleball has started rising in popularity in Ballarat.

Sharing similarities with tennis, the sport features two or four players hitting a hollow plastic ball with paddles over a net, until one side fails to return the ball or breaks the rules.

Over the last year, the Ballarat Badminton Stadium has seen a rise from 15 to 50 people playing regular games, with every court booked out for the sport weekly.

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Four people from the stadium will also be travelling to Warrnambool this weekend for an international pickleball tournament.

Pickleball Ballarat’s Hannah Handreck says even 94-year-old’s have got into the sport.

“Carmel and Alan have been there since I started there last May [and] they’re teaching all the young ones how to play,” she said.

“They turn up every week without fail and they’re just absolutely lovely people, they’re encouraging, and they love it.”