“Not as positive as I would have liked” says Mayor Hudson on Ballarat council survey results.

June 23, 2023 3:43 pm in by
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The much-anticipated results of the City of Ballarat’s customer satisfaction survey will be released today as part of the council agenda for next Wednesday night’s meeting.

The Mayor Cr Des Hudson saying via a press release that they are not as positive as he would have liked.

72% of participants rated the cities overall performance as average and above.

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However, the City of Ballarat’s assessed performance on several measures decreased from 2022 in line with regional and state-wide downward trends.  

“The 2023/24 Draft Budget features a range of allocations that residents have told us are priorities for them,” Mayor Hudson said. 

“We’re increasing investment in infrastructure, such as roads, footpaths and drainage, and we’re increasing resources in the City of Ballarat Statutory and Strategic Planning teams to keep up with the demands of Ballarat’s rapid growth.”  

The survey was conducted for the second time by independent survey provider JWS Research in February and March this year.