Lexton community takes another step forward to save their pub

February 16, 2024 3:59 pm in by
Image by Marcelo Ikeda Tchelão from Pixabay

An amazing number of Lexton locals have come forward to try and hatch a plan to save the towns beloved pub.

The Pyrenees Hotel suddenly shut its doors on January 12th leaving nowhere for residents to have a beer and a meal.

Pyrenees Shire Councillor David Clark says we should know more in a week.

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“So, it’s been really successful in that the community has got 66 responses.”

“I’m not sure how much money, they won’t disclose that at this point in time which is understandable because it might end up being a commercial negotiation.”

“I understand of that there’s a bit over 20 people, so nearly one in every three, that have said we’re really happy to help with the steering committee to pull this together,” Cr. Clark said.

Lexton, which sits about 45Klm to the north-west of Ballarat has a population of just under 300 according to the 2021 census.