Landlords to receive police letters after tobacco store attacks

May 28, 2024 10:13 am in by
Photo: Unsplash

Following a spate of arson attacks across the state, police are sending letters to Ballarat landlords who rent buildings to tobacco stores.

Two letters are being distributed, one to properties where warrants have been issued and another which is more general.

The letters are highlighting the risks to landlords if they lease buildings to businesses engaged in organised crime.

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This can be from risks to insurance arrangements as well as the potential for nearby properties to be impacted by fires or other crimes.

In February, three tobacco stores in Ballarat were targeted in a series of attacks.

In a statement, Acting Commander, Jason Kelly, said not only does this criminal behaviour put businesses and community members at risk, but it may also impact any potential insurance pay out to building owners.

Mr. Kelly said owners need to be aware of this and be aware of who is leasing the buildings they own.