Fracking subsidies petition delivered to Ballarat MP

April 28, 2023 3:52 pm in by
Image: Get Up

The local office of Ballarat Federal MP, Catherine King, was the site of a protest earlier today.

About 40 members of ‘Get Up’ unhappy about proposed fracking subsidies that will be decided upon in the May budget.

Ms. King is the Minister for Infrastructure.

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“It’s time for our elected leaders to listen to us, the people, not the vested interests of the fossil fuel lobby,” said protestor and Ballarat grandfather Gerry.

“We need our government to scrap these fracking subsidies and we call on Catherine King as our elected representative to make this happen – for our children and grandchildren.”

“The message is clear: scrap fracking subsidies now,” he said.

The protestors delivered a 60,000 strong petition.