E-scooters here to stay as trial gets extended, again

April 4, 2024 2:58 pm in by
Image: An e-scooter on Mair Street in Ballarat

Despite another extension to Ballarat’s e-scooter trial, the Minister for Public Transport has today declared they are here to stay.

Gabrielle Williams saying they’ve proven popular among commuters, especially shift workers, by providing an additional option to travel home safely.

“We have more work to do on safety and compliance to ensure that e-scooters are safe when they’re made permanent later this year,” Minister Williams said.

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User surveys conducted by share scheme operators revealed that around 28 per cent of e-scooter trips in metropolitan areas and up to 40 per cent of trips in Ballarat replaced a vehicle trip (private car or rideshare vehicle) on the riders’ most recent e-scooter ride, helping to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce emissions.

The current settings will now end on October 4th.