A Right Royal Lunch Time!

Avocado, Mango & Turkey bocadillo


If you are always racking your brain as to what to put in your children’s lunch box … maybe you can get some tips from the chefs at Prince George’s school.

The young royal attends Thomas’s Battersea Day School where sources have revealed the lunch menu would not be out of place at many a fine dining restaurant.

 ‘Fragrant Lamb and Apricot Tagine’ and ‘Free Range Chicken and Mushroom topped with Sauteed Potato’ are a couple of the gastronomic delights on offer.

Vegan, vegetarian, fish and gluten free dishes are also available.

Desserts look good too … ‘Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies’ and ‘Red Berry Cookies’ are a couple options for the sweet tooths!

Does sound better than the old Vegemite sandwich and a piece of fruit!

Image by flickr.com