Newly Discovered Netflix Hack Allows You To Cram More Netflix Into Your Day

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 Anyone who’s on Netflix is probably familiar with the feeling of having so many great shows to watch, but so little time to watch them. Well this newly discovered Netflix hack will help with that.

Reddit user, A_Alexandre, has discovered a Netflix category of programs that offer audio descriptions; essentially turning your favourite shows into audio books. According to users, a narrator gives detailed descriptions of the visuals taking place, and even does a good job of painting a vivid picture during action scenes. The narration has also been done in such a way that it doesn’t clash with dialogue.

A handful of shows that currently feature audio descriptions include The Punisher, Narcos, Stranger Things, Star Wars: Rogue One and Beauty and the Beast.

So the next time you want to watch one of your favourite shows while getting some chores done around the house, just switch on ‘audio description’ in the same way you turn on subtitles and sweep/wash/iron away!