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The New Instagram Trend Turning Heads


Over the years we’ve seen a number of wild, wacky and sometimes dangerous online trends.

There’s been the outright ridiculous...

The excruciatingly tense ones...


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And some that have been quite charitable!


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Just the other week Jules and Kris gave the ‘watermelon dress’ trend a go with mixed results.


Jules & Kris gave the #watermelondress craze a go! What do you think? Have you tried it yet?

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A new one has now popped up that’s a little more risqué... The Underwater Belfie.

Basically the subject, while wearing a bikini bottom, presses their buttocks against the side of any pool featuring a glass wall while someone takes a picture from the other side.


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Earlier in the week, Jules presented the idea to Kris to help him boost his Instagram followers; however he was a little apprehensive...