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Introducing Power FM’s Schweppes Thirst-Aid Tuesdays and Thursdays!

The Power FM Street Team will be on the streets of Ballarat after 11am handing out the best free stuff… of course you can’t get any better than Solo!

Keep cool and hydrated with Solo Brewed Lemon, Solo Brewed Lemon and Lime and Solo Brewed Lemon with Ginger.

Each flavour is packed with slow brewed lemons, naturally crafted to create a full flavoured, well rounded soda for your enjoyment!

PLUS they have no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours! And of-course you know they’re quality when each one is created using time honoured brewing techniques!



This refreshing Thirst-Aid Tuesdays and Thursdays are brought to you by Schweppes

To find out where the Power FM Street Team is each Tuesday and Thursday make sure you listen to Sarah D in the Workday Hits!

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